Friday, August 23, 2013

Becoming a Maker

Last Thursday in English 1103, we began to explore the idea of being a maker. Being presented with a couple of options I chose the mmm tssss activity due to it's sound editing properties and my affinity to musical things. at first the editor seemed promising. A program that could record clips of sound from any where and automatically arrange them together sounded like a good time. contrarily though, the more i messed with it the more frustrations arose as i tried to wrestle my way to a satisfying creation. It wasn't until the end of our making time that i realized all of the mediums we were given the opportunity to used had limitations just like mine. This realization led me to conclude that due to my intrinsically infinite capacity to create and make like all humans, I was really the only limit between me and the desired end result of my creation.


  1. That last sentence was really profound, but now that you mention it, it really makes sense. That's probably why not everyone can be artists, writers, or even engineers. We all think differently, so we create differently as well. I really liked your post.

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  2. oops deleted my other reply..

    i also tried out he mmm tss, but cuz i was shy. if found that it would have been much better in a quiet room. whenever i would record i would get sooo much background noise. sometimes i would get funny bits of peoples conversations

  3. I really like your theory that we as humans are the only things standing between ourselves and what we want to achieve. I think that is a very interesting way to look at the experience. I kinda wanted to try the mmm tssss activity it seemed pretty interesting.