Thursday, September 5, 2013

The question that is highlighted stuck out to me in particular because it made me think, what are all the different kinds of tools that we use in pursuit of the truth? We employ and utilize the aid of machines as simple as pencils to the most complex spacecraft. I feel that if it weren't for machines, such as electron microscopes and radiation detection systems that are so precise, truth would still be much more clouded than it is currently. This leads me to the realization that no matter what we use to get closer to the truth, be it an apparatus or fabrication of materials or whatever, the origin of these powerful ways to the truth is within us. So truth no matter how distant it may seem is not completely impossible to obtain. As long as we keep searching and making up new ways to conduct that search, we will find truth, or at least be closer to it. 


  1. so we depend on how accurate our machines are

  2. I agree with your post. We use a lot of different things in order to try and discover the truth. Machines definitely have a huge part in how we try and find the truth.