Monday, October 7, 2013

Meta-Blog Post

Reflecting on my reflections and posts so far in this class i have determined how I narrate myself. I have noticed that every post  I have written, if isolated by it's self, pretty much describes a mini journey of myself towards a scientific discovery or realization. I think this method only works if handled the write way, that is also trying to include the progression and evolution of my thought processes through each journey so that my actions can be traced back to and explained by what dwells inside of me. some examples of this were when i wrote about my make cycle two and narrated my thoughts during song composition "I would then ask myself, what chord or intervals make me feel like i am in danger?" and "This leads me to the realization that no matter what we use to get closer to the truth, be it an apparatus or fabrication of materials or whatever, the origin of these powerful ways to the truth is within us". I feel this is an accurate way to narrate my scientific journey overall as I travel through life by arranging each re-telling of my experiences as a story that follows my thoughts and resulting actions.


  1. i found it interesting you call every post a mini journey. thats a creative way of describing it.

    ps. you should post these blog posts on the g+ community so that its easier to find. i had to go digging to find your page

  2. I like how you describe the blog posting as a mini journey, I think that is a really interesting way to look at the process.