Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reflection of Make Cycle Three

This make was very different from my first two, and at first I had trouble appreciating it as much. It wasn't as artistic as my first or magnificent as my musical composition, but lacy said something too me that changed my point of view. She made a comment that made me realize, not every make is going to be the same because each one is a different learning experience and results in a unique presentation that may resonate more with certain people than others.

The make itself was pretty tough to actually build. My topic was the research findings at Heart Math laboratories which were mostly intangible concepts about electromagnetic fields. Concepts that require a bit more consideration when being expressed in a material form. I started with the drawing above and proceeded to choose a medium through which to build it in three dimensions. After much pondering I decided to go with play dough as it is easy to mold and comes in many colors, which would be good for showing the affected brain-heart systems. In  the end, i feel that even though this was not my favorite make, i still enjoyed the process and toy hack idea.


  1. I had a little trouble too, but I can understand what she was saying. Everyone is different, and will react differently to the different makes. Your idea was still really good considering the trouble in the beginning.

  2. I definitely had trouble with the idea at first but I think that all the projects came out really well. Your idea still came out really good and I think the topic was pretty unique.