Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reflection on Call for Papers

I have really been enjoying this section of the class where we develop our ideas on a larger scale and submit them to collections. I have been able to examine my writing processes to see how it works, and how ideas form and develop throughout the process. I said before that playing video games helps me write, but I wanted to dig deeper into exactly how they help. Initially when I begin writing many times if I do not know what exactly I want to say, I feel stress and intimidation. Playing video games greatly relieves stress for me and so I sometimes play them in sort bursts to calm myself before ideas have formed clearly in my head. They also aid these ideas in forming because I have found that if I walk away from something I am writing for a few minutes, the fatigue from sitting at my computer lessens and my mind clears up allowing thoughts to flow more freely and wander, sometimes in the right direction. I have found that playing music seems to have the same effect. It is calming and clears my head helping me rearrange jumbled thoughts into clearly connected "idea trees" that make writing so much easier.


  1. It's cool that you know how to work, including how to navigate around writer's block. Sometimes getting away works for me, but it can also hurt me. To each their own, though I wish I could play video games to inspire myself, but I'd end up losing myself in the game instead.

  2. When I write I always seem to end up listening to music because it helps me get the process along faster. It's interesting that video games have a similar effect in relaxing you. I think it just goes to show that everyone has a different process for writing.

  3. its cool how you can play video games and write. i get too distracted playing video games