Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Empathy Publication: Reflection and Revision

This whole publication process has been an interesting one. I was a little bit reluctant to get into it at first because of how formal it seemed but after a while I embraced the concept, accepting it as effective. The Idea of a group of people sending out a call that  that asks for the input of anybody who reads the call to clarify, elaborate, and inform people about a subject is pretty powerful. My group, who picked empathy and emotion for our subject, saw many people respond with all different types of pieces, some very scientific,  and complex, others more general and life relevant, all providing insight and varying view points on human emotions and how they work within us. This process shows that we as a people can very quickly compile useful information from multiple sources into one, accessible document that can be shared with everyone to better their understanding of what ever is being shared.

Before ours and others publications were finalized all the contributing writers were asked to revise and refine their works for almost everything from clarity to grammar, even idea development. I have included some of my contributing papers in their revised form, color coded with red meaning editing of already existing material and blue being added text.

Seeing all the blue shows that sometime it takes me a couple of sessions of sitting down with a piece im working on to totally develop my ideas.

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  1. it is kind of crazy how by just rereading your work you can come up with more and more ideas to add on to it. i understand when you say its takes a couple of session of sitting down with a piece to totally develop your ideas.