Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Google Plus!

Over that duration of this course I have become very familiar with the social media tool Google Plus. It has been an enlightening experience as I have become connected to so many peers on a science writing and learning level. Google Plus has been a great example and demonstration of writing as a tool for discussion. It all starts with a post from someone, talking about or questioning a scientific concept, a writing process, a connection between something in class and an outside source, or even just documentation. After this is posted people are able to reply to the author and each other, discussing their opinions on the subject or answering a question posed, which can lead to furthering the discussion into a more in depth state or maybe even a tangent that is more interesting than the original concept. This online tool has changed my perspective of writing and shown me that it is way more powerful than your average three paragraph essay and can benefit all those who participate.

1 comment:

  1. this google plus tool has really made this class more than just the people we see every few days, but instead incorporates everyone that has access to the page. this has help alot with peer editing and there has been alot of fellow encouragement to help with your writing. that is my favorite part about google plus in this class.