Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Daybook

The day-books we use in this class have been one of the most eye opening tools or experiences to me. When I first heard we were going to be writing in day books I thought, oh great, now we will be forced to write every day about stuff we don't care about. Thankfully the actual experience was quite contrary. Lacy approached them from the beginning with the idea that these book weren't meant for "good writing" or organization or even legibility. They were treated as more of an outlet of raw concept and thought, expressed in very imperfect and unregulated written form. This revealed writing in a new light for me as we would begin each class with an activity that is called writing into the day. The best part about this activity is it posed a question or idea calling for a response from you the writer which allowed for exact feelings and opinions to be recorded on paper but, if the prompt of the day didn't suit me I was allowed to write about anything I  wanted. Writing really truly at this point became a form of expression for me not unlike talking or playing music. It was no longer an obstacle to over come but a means of learning, feeling, and being.

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  1. i felt about the same way when i first heard about having to write in our day books!!