Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Response to Readings

This is one of my many responses to the readings we were presented in class, it discusses the piece “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros. I learned a good bit in these responses about what I feel when I read, how I choose to word it, and many other mental reactions that occur. I have never approached published works like this before. I have always read them and just accepted that this is how it is and what most people think and it is set in stone. To my disbelief though, for the first time I was asked to respond to published words challenging their integrity and correctness, adding on what I deemed necessary, interpreting what I wanted to take away from the work. I have now near the end of this course, become a responsive reader/writer knowing that I agree or disagree with what im reading however I please and then proceed to record it in writing.

A little bit more: my process for responding to readings is very open ended but contains a few definite steps. I first pick a part of the work that intrigues me or catches my attention. I then proceed to explore all the different things that come to mind and how It makes me feel. I then to express this in a way that is relevant to the work and logically conveys my opinion referencing words and phrases from the text if needed.

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  1. it is cool to look back at how we have changed as writers through this class.